adventofcode2017.gitSolutions to Advent of Code 2017. 8 months
cabal-helper.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 2 months
directory.gitFSD import script. 2 months
f2md.gitf2md: a command line utility fetching new items from news feeds and write them t...2 months
haddock.gitHaddock with an org backend (haddorg). 3 weeks
haskell-code-explorer.gitWeb application for exploring and understanding Haskell codebases 8 weeks
irc-dialog-graph.gitConverting an irc chat log to a dialog graph. 11 months website source. 4 months
librejs.gitLibreJS: Sidestep the JavaScript Trap. 3 months
mathkell.gitExperimental mathematics with Haskell, mainly covering some algebraic / enumerat...10 months
ptvtt.gitPTV timetable client 3 months
rtliber.gitAn Emacs interface to Request Tracker aka RT. Homepage: < months
weather.gitA simple server serving Victorian weather in both html and json. 3 months and text for the website 4 months