Redirector.gitFirefox redirector extension. 10 months
adventofcode2017.gitSolutions to Advent of Code 2017. 3 years
bom.el.gitAn Emacs package and webapp retrieving and serving Australian Weather forecast. 9 months
buildbot.el.gitA buildbot client for emacs 12 months
cabal-helper.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 2 years
dictionary-el.gitEmacs package for talking to a dictionary server 13 months
directory.gitFSD import script. 2 years
docshack.gitdocshack is a set of tools to get docs for projects for Emacs browsing. 22 months
dotted.gitYuchen Pei's dotfiles 3 weeks
emacs-hnreader.gitEmacs hnreader - Read Hacker News in Emacs 13 months
emms.gitfork of emms emacs multimedia system 22 months
f2md.gitf2md: a command line utility fetching new items from news feeds and write them t...2 years
fsd.gitFSD import script. 2 years
generic-search.el.gitgeneric-search.el - a simple search result UI library for emacs 12 months
git-email.gitWork with git and email in Emacs 10 months
gnus-desktop-notify.el.gitGnus Desktop Notification global minor mode 13 months
h-source.gitserver program of h-node, mirror of months
haddock.gitHaddock with an org backend (haddorg). 22 months
haskell-code-explorer.gitWeb application for exploring and understanding Haskell codebases 2 years
hc.el.gitAn emacs package for exploring haskell code. 21 months
hcel.gitServer program for indexing and serving Haskell package source code info 22 months
hmm.el.gitEmacs Universal Handling System 9 months
irc-dialog-graph.gitConverting an irc chat log to a dialog graph. 3 years website source. 2 years
librejs.gitMirror of LibreJS at 10 months
librejserver.gitA server program serving librejs compliance info for webpages. 20 months
librejsites.gitCollection of librejs-compliant sites. 9 months
limit-tabs.gitLimit Tabs firefox extension, imported from 11 months
luwak.gita text-only Emacs web browser based on lynx -dump 20 months
mathkell.gitExperimental mathematics with Haskell, mainly covering some algebraic / enumerat...3 years
org-recoll.gitan emacs wrapper for the recoll full-text file search program 13 months
pactl.el.gitA simple pulseaudio client for emacs. 21 months
ptv.el.gitElisp client to Public Transport Victoria timetable API. 11 months
ptvtt.gitPython/WSGI client to Public Transport Victoria timetable API. 13 months
rtliber.gitAn Emacs interface to Request Tracker aka RT. Homepage: < years
servall.gitserve them all 13 months
sx.el.gitSX -- Stack Exchange for Emacs 13 months
traclicker.gittraclicker: fight email click trackers 9 months
tree-sitter-wiki.gittree-sitter grammar for wikitext
url-rewrite.giturl-rewrite is an elisp library for rewriting URLs 9 months
vicmap2osm.gitConvert VicMap Address data to OpenStreetMap, forked from months
vim-vixen.gitvim-vixen: keyboard driven firefox navigation 10 months
weather.gitA simple server serving Victorian weather in both html and json. 2 years
wiki.el.gitemacs wiki mode 10 months and text for the website 6 months