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-*- outline -*-
-* Notes for preparing a release for rt-liberation
+This is an outline of how to make a release for rt-liberation via GNU
-** Version
+* version
In order for the ELPA system to trigger a release the version number
in the comment header of rt-liberation.el must be incremented.
+Update the NEWS file to tell all of the people the Good News.
+* push
+Push these updates to the git repo.
+* tag
+Tag the release with the ELPA version number:
+ $ git tag -a 1.31 -m "1.31"
+Then push that tag to the VCS:
+ $ git push --tags origin "1.31"
+* documentation
+Update the manual, compile it, and update the copy of the info file in
+the root directory so that ELPA can install it.
** Info
After each manual update the info file needs to be copied into the
root of the project so that ELPA can pick it up.