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@@ -61,6 +61,8 @@ Extensions
* Tracking Updates:: Keeping up to date with ticket changes.
* Batch Operations:: Performing operations on batches of tickets.
* Local Storage:: Associate arbitrary data with tickets.
+* Org Integration:: Follow RT links in org mode and capture them
+ in Ticket Browser and Viewer.
Copying and license
* Copying:: The GNU General Public License gives you
@@ -638,7 +640,8 @@ to the RT email interface. The key-bindings for composing email
described below are generic, what actually happens when you invoke
them depends on the email-backend system you have installed into
rt-liberation. @file{rt-liberation-gnus.el} provides integration with
-Gnus, @xref{Gnus Integration}.
+Gnus, @xref{Gnus Integration}. @file{rt-liberation-org.el} provides
+integration with Org, @xref{Org Integration}.
@table @kbd
@@ -882,6 +885,39 @@ The implementation distributed with rt-liberation allows associating
text with tickets but is not limited to text. The same implementation
can be extended to associate any arbitrary data with any ticket.
+@c --------------------------------------------------
+@node Org Integration
+@chapter Org Integration
+@cindex Org Integration
+@file{rt-liberation-org.el} implements interation with Org Mode.
+To enable it first load @file{rt-liberation-org.el}:
+(require 'rt-liberation-org)
+@end lisp
+This enables two types of RT Org links:
+@item Id link.
+For example, @code{rt:id:12345} links to ticket #12345 in the
+@xref{Ticket Viewer}. Optionally you can also append history-id for a
+specific ticket section: @code{rt:id:12345/6789} links to section of
+ticket #12345 with history-id 6789.
+@item Query link.
+For example, @code{<rt:query:owner = 'nobody' and created > '7 days
+ago'>} runs the query for unowned tickets that were created more than
+a week ago and display the results in the @xref{Ticket Browser}.
+@end enumerate
+You may run @code{org-store-link} inside the Ticket Viewer or Ticket
+Browser to store an RT Org link. If you are inside the Ticket Viewer,
+@code{org-store-link} will store a link to the section of the ticket,
+and if you are inside the Ticket Browser, it will store a link to the
+ticket without specifying the section.
@c --------------------------------------------------
@c including the relevant licenses