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@@ -6,25 +6,26 @@ ELPA.
* compile
Check for and correct compile-time errors and warnings.
* version
In order for the ELPA system to trigger a release the version number
in the comment header of rt-liberation.el must be incremented.
* Good News
Update the NEWS file to tell all of the people the Good News.
* documentation
Update the manual, compile it, and update the copy of the info file in
the root directory so that ELPA can install it.
-Compile an HTML version of the manual and update it on the Website:
+Compile an HTML version of the manual and update the Website:
$ cvs commit -m "update manual" rt-liber.html
$ cvs commit -m "update website" index.html
-* push
-Push these updates to the git repo.
* tag
Tag the release with the ELPA version number, then push that tag to
@@ -34,6 +35,11 @@ the VCS:
$ git push --tags origin "2.2"
+* push
+Push these updates to the git repo.
Merge the changes into the local externals/rt-liberation (git will
complain) and then push the changes to externals/rt-liberation on