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orgfixing a typoYuchen Pei15 months
masterMerge branch 'externals/rt-liberation'Yoni Rabkin17 months
schism* rt-liberation-rest.el: split code to hereYoni Rabkin21 months
2.02* NEWS: news!Yoni Rabkin21 months
viewer2* doc/developer-release.txt:Yoni Rabkin23 months
before-reshufflebring the code backYoni Rabkin2 years
viewer-mark-2Change copyright years to reflect code redistributionYoni Rabkin2 years
auth-source* doc/rt-liber.texinfo: update manualYoni Rabkin2 years
unchangesmove to other machineYoni Rabkin2 years
one-point-ohdocumentation fixesYoni Rabkin2 years
report* rt-liberation.el: new function rt-liber-print-queryYoni Rabkin7 years
rest* doc/rt-liberation.texinfo: Update documentation.Yoni Rabkin7 years
2.3commit cfc0a7c4a3...Yoni Rabkin21 months
2.2commit ead59e7abb...Yoni Rabkin21 months
2.01commit d964a9295f...Yoni Rabkin23 months
2.00commit e72ecd837d...Yoni Rabkin23 months